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Medication Support Assessment Awareness

This is a training pack specifically on needs and risk assessment for medication in adult care settings.

Includes – PowerPoint presentation, handout, end of session assessment and 3 templates.

PowerPoint Presentation – Medication Support Assessment for Adult Care Settings (42 Slides)

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, The Medication Support Assessment, Risk Assessment, Risk Assessment – High Risk Factors, Risk Assessment Conclusions
  • OTHER CONSIDERATIONS AND HELP FROM OTHER PROFESSIONALS – Risk Assessment – Other Considerations, Community Pharmacists, Recording The Risk Assessment, Care/Support Planning, The Role Of The GP, The Role of Pharmacists, Compliance Aids, Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
  • CONSENT - Consent, Valid Consent, Consent Form, No Consent, Consent /No Consent, Consent and Safeguarding
  • MENTAL CAPACITY - Mental Capacity Act 2005, Capacity and Consent, Assessment Indicates Lack of Capacity, Best Interests Decision, Recording and Review, Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice, Where Legal Representation Exists, ADRT
  • Summary, References

Word Documents

End of Session Handout (11 pages), End of Session Assessment (9 pages), Risk Assessment Template for Self-Administration, Self-Administration Review Form Template,Self-Administration Template

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