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Mental Illness (Introduction to)

PowerPoint presentations and 5 Word documents

PowerPoints - 6 presentations:

1) An Introduction to Mental Illness (this looks at all types of Mental Illness)

Slide Titles:

  • Key Points, Consequences of Mental Illness, Care Needs, Funding, How Can the Risks be Reduced, Mental Health at Work, Different Types of Mental Illness, Affective Disorders, Schizophrenia, Organic States, Personality Disorders, Neuroses, Psychoses, Dementias, Support Networks, References

2) Introduction to Depression

Slide Titles:

  • Depression, Introduction, What does it feel like to be depressed, Sympoms of depression, Why does it happen, Things that happen in out lives, Circumstances, Physical illness, Personality, Alcohol, Gender, Genes, What about manic depression, Isn't depression just a form of weakness, When should someone seek help, Where to get further information, References

3) Depression and How to Help Yourself

Slide Titles:

  • Depression, Helping yourself (8 slides),What kind of help is available? (20 slides),Where to get further information, References

4) Depression in Older Adults

Slide Titles:

  • Depression in Older Adults, Introduction, Particular problems for older people, Long-term illnessConfusion and memory problems (2 slides), Loneliness, Painful events (2 slides), Depression (10 slides), Practical help (2 slides), For relatives and friends (2 slides), Where to get further information, Further reading

5) Comparing Drug Treatments and Therapies

Slide Titles:

  • Comparing drugs and talking treatments, Which is right? (5 slides), The psychiatrist (3 slides), What will happen without treatment?, Where to get further information, References

6) Depressive Disorders (The Common Cold of Illness)

Slide Titles:

  • Did you know, Average age of onset, Suicide, What is depressive disorder, What it isn't, Symptoms (2 slides), Types of depressive disorders, Dysthymia, Bipolar disorder, Causes of depression (2 slides), Treatment, Psychological therapy, Complementary therapy, Conclusions, References

All presentations are fully referenced.

Word Documents

  • End of Session Assessment
  • Fact Card Depression
  • Fact Card Schizophrenia
  • Fact Card Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Lecture Notes

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