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Dementia and Sensory Awareness Health and Social Care Training Resources

Dementia and Sensory Awareness

A dedicated dementia pack.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to Dementia and Sensory Loss, 2) Dementia and Deaf blindness, 3) Dementia and Sight Loss, 4) Dementia and Hearing Loss

Word Documents - 4 presentation handouts, 3 end of session assessments, 8 extra handouts

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Supporting Eating and Drinking Dementia Care Training Resources

Dementia and Supporting Eating and Drinking Awareness

This session is designed to provide practical information for carers of people with dementia. It looks at ways to tackle problems which can occur with eating and drinking in everyday life. It provides general advice which may not be suitable for everyone (e.g. diabetics). There are 16 printable hand-outs that accompany this very large presentation.

The presentation is sectioned into different parts so that trainers can use specific sections as they need them

Presentation - Support with Eating and Drinking Awareness

Word Documents - 16 handouts

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Supporting Washing and Bathing Personal Care Dementia Care Training Resources

Dementia and Washing and Bathing Awareness

Presentation - Washing and Bathing Awareness (37 slides)

– Slide Titles: Aims and Objectives, Introduction, General Problems, Incontinence, Skin Inspection, Before Washing or Bathing, Care Plan Familiarity, Preparation, Health and Safety, Distractions, Mirrors, Before Bathing, Accessible Information, Toileting Prior to Bathing, Chronic Conditions, Simple Instructions, Comfort, Dignity, Clothing, Conversation/Song, Empowerment, Fear of Water, Hand Held Sprays, Humour and Dignity, The Head, After Bathing, Never Leave Unattended, Drying, Body Lotions, Alternatives to Bathing

Word Documents - Presentation Handout (5 pages), End of Session Assessment

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Activities and Needs Awareness Dementia Care Training Resources

Dementia - Introduction to Activities and Needs

Teaching presentation to introduce the topic of activities with Word Document handout. Explains that activities are not just organised events. Explains about holistic needs and that all staff have a part to play. Suitable for care settings and health and social care courses including RQF underpinning knowledge.

Slide Titles: Introduction, Why Activity is Essential, The Role of Everyone, Activity Provision Influencing Factors, Person Centred Care, Person Centred Needs, The Starting Point, Helping Each Client, Some Tips, Praise and Motivation, Adapting Activities, Evaluating Activities

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Person C entred Care Planning Dementia Care Training Resources

Dementia - Person Centred Care Planning Awareness

This pack looks at Person Centred Care Planning and Delivery of Care for clients with Dementia. It is suitable for training staff in any care setting where the clients have Dementia and also for training students on Level 3 and 4 Health and Social care courses. The main presentation is very large (62 slides) and can be spilt into smaller sessions if required or you can mix and match from all my slides to make your own tailored sessions. It contains built in learning activity/discussion points and focuses on the expectations of the Care Quality Commission and is directly relevant for staff training.

Presentations - 1) Person Centred Care Planning in Dementia and Care Delivery, 2) Dementia Person Centred Care Planning and Mental Capacity Overview, 3) What is Dementia Care Mapping?, 4) Principles of Person-Centred Care

Word Documents - Hand-outs to accompany all presentations, Case Study

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Introduction to Developmental Psychology Teaching Resources

Developmental Psychology - Introductory Overview

Teaching presentation overview with handout (Level 3). Useful as a general overview to introduce any developmental teaching for health and social care, child care or psychology courses.

Presentation - Slide titles: Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Nature Nurture, Plato, Darwin, Locke, Watson, Good v Evil, Rousseau, Passive v Active, Current Theories, Key Issues, Continuous v Stage Like Changes, Key Theories, Cognitive Development Theories, Psychodynamic Theories, Behavioural Learning and Social Cognitive Learning Theories, Contextual Developmental Theories, Nativist Theories, Summary, References

Word Documents - 10-page handout

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Developmental Psychology Erikson Teaching Resources

Developmental Psychology - Erikson - The Child

Teaching Presentation and Word Document handout. Useful as an introduction to Erikson for a variety of health and social care, child care, psychology teaching sessions

Slide titles: Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Continuous Versus Stage – Like Changes, Psychodynamic Theories, 1. Infancy, 2. Toddler, 3. Pre-School Child, 4. School Child, 5. Early Adolescence, 6. Late Adolescence, Erik Erikson, Summary, References

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Diabetes Awareness Health and Social Care Training Resources

Diabetes Awareness

The pack is a thorough overview of the condition and things that care staff should be aware of and look out for. It also explains what can happen if diabetes is not managed correctly (acute and long-term complications. Each session comes with a handout and an end of session assessment to check learners understanding. Useful for care settings, care staff, trainers, training agencies and for use on part-time and full-time courses.

Presentations - 1) Diabetes Awareness, 2) Long Term and Acute Complications of Diabetes

Word Documents - 10-page handout & 12-page handouts, 2 x End of Session Assessment

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