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Allergies and Anaphlyaxis Awareness

A pack suitable for all health and social care settings or for use by trainers as part of their own training package. Also suitable for teaching on health and social care courses. Some slides specifically give information about the importance of noting the person centred care plan with details of allergies and reactions.

PowerPoint Presentation – Allergies and Anaphylaxis Awareness (22 slides)

22 slide teaching presentation with 2 hand-outs, a trainer’s master hand-out (with some notes) and end of session assessment.

Slide Titles:

Aims and Objectives, Introduction, What is Anaphylaxis? (2 slides), Why is Anaphylaxis Life Threatening?, Common Symptoms (3 slides), Preventing Anaphylaxis, Food Allergies, Medications, Latex (2 slides), Latex Irritation Symptoms, Latex Type 1 Allergic Reaction, Latex Type 4 Allergic Reaction, What is Epinephrine?, What are Epinephrine Auto Injectors?, Health and Safety Executive (Advice re training on Epipens), In an Emergency (2 slides), References.

Word Documents

  • 1 hand-out and end of session assessment

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