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Nursing Professional Development Portfolio Template

This is a 62 page professionally written and themed ready to go Professional Development Portfolio. You can print it off from the CD, complete your personal details immediately and then complete and update all of your professional development and training on an ongoing basis throughout your career. Other Word documents also included (see below).

The pack comes with notes on how to complete the portfolio. The notes are integrated into the pack section by section. Included in the actual pack are notes relating to the Gibbs Cycle of Refection. Separate Word documents are also included on the CD.

Professional Development Portfolio (62 pages)

Part 1

  • Introduction - Statement - Notes for registered nurses - Notes for healthcare officers, office managers, on registered healthcare staff - Responsibilities - Completing the portfolio
  • Reflection - Experiential Learning

Part 2

  • Details of Current Job Role - Personal Details - Summary of Academic Achievements and Professional Qualifications - Employment History - Previous Employment

Part 3

  • Professional Updates - Notes - Record of Continuing Study - Guidance Notes - Summary of Learning Events - Mandatory Training - Summary of Mandatory Training
  • Practice Development - Personal Education Reading - Publications

Part 4

  • Personal Information - Review, Development and Supervision - Professional Development Action Plan - Annual Personal Review/Update - Personal Development Plan - Clinical Supervision

Part 5

  • Notes - Blank pages for your notes

Additional Word Documents

  • Blooms Taxonomy - Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle - Reflection (Dewey, Boud, Schon) - The Reflective Cycle (Gibbs) x 2

References and Further Reading included at the end of the portfolio.

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