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Anatomy and Physiology

This teaching/training pack is suitable for any course or training programme requiring an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology. Suitable for teachers, lecturers, QCF trainers, private trainers etc. You will also be able to mix and match from my presentations to make up your own sessions.

7 PowerPoints (looking at anatomy, histology and functions)

PowerPoint Titles:

  • The Lungs (11 slides)
  • The Liver (9 slides)
  • The Pancreas (12 slides)
  • The Heart (16 slides)
  • The Skin (15 slides)
  • The Digestive System (very long PPT can be split into smaller sessions) (68 slides)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (very long PPT can be split into smaller sessions, includes full information on all organ systems, components and functions) (35 slides)

Word Documents

This pack also includes a learner information and activity workbook on The Brain. There are also 11 hand-outs.

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