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Palliative Care and Dementia (Introduction to)

Teaching presentation and handout. An overview session suitable for health and social care courses, training and nursing.

Aims and Objectives Slide

  • The aim of this session is to raise your awareness of what people with dementia should expect from palliative care and palliative approaches
  • By the end of the session you will have an understanding of the broad range of approaches, and
    • Elements of palliative care approaches
    • Barriers to palliative approaches

Slide Titles

  • Aims/Objectives, Introduction, Contemporary View, Equality, Elements of Palliative Care, What Should it Include? Palliative Approaches, Decision Making, Ethical Issues, A Good Death, End Stage Dementia, Barriers to a Palliative Approach, Lack of Knowledge Underlying Principles of Palliative Care, Holistic Approach, The Focus of Care, Individualised Care, Pain, End of Life Issues, NICE Guidelines, Hydration and Nutrition, Resuscitation, Summary, References

Word Document

  • Handout

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