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Record Keeping Awareness

Mixed pack, part suitable for staff, part suitable for learners. Includes a booklet handout (11 pages, printable from the CD) and end of session assessment (11 pages) and 5 handouts.

PowerPoint Presentation 1) – Record Keeping Awareness (49 Slides)

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Why is Record Keeping Important?, Types of Records, Care Quality Commission, Principles of Good Record Keeping, Safeguarding, Safeguarding and Record Keeping,
  • WRITING RECORDS - Identification of the Client, Identification of the Client, Identification of the Author, Time and Date, Black Ink, When To Use Red Ink, Dealing With Mistakes Correctly, Ensuring Records Are ‘Complete’, Emergency Situations, Jargon and Abbreviations, Format of Records, Views and Comments of Others, Making Assumptions,
  • CONFIDENTIALITY, DATA PROTECTION AND ACCESS TO INFORMATION – Confidentiality, Confidentiality Policy, Data Protection Act 2018, Data Protection Principles, Access to Information
  • LEGAL ASPECTS - NEGLIGENCE- RECAP, Duty of Care and Negligence, Negligence, Legal Proceedings

Word Documents

  • Record Keeping Booklet Handout (11 pages), End of Session Assessment (11 pages)

PowerPoint Presentation 2 – Working in the Social Care Sector Reports and Record Keeping Awareness (45 Slides)

Slide Titles:

Aims and Objectives, Introduction, What is a Record?, Types of Records, How Information is Given, , What to Do with Information, Learning Activity, Telephone Skills, Electronic Information Received, Letters – Post Received, Passing on Information, Records and Their Format, Types of Records, The Importance of Records, Consequences of Poor Records, Report Writing, Report Writing – Problems, Report Writing Common Errors, Neglect and Poor Practice, Good Practice – Some Examples, Minimum Standards for Records/Reports, Confidentiality, Confidentiality Policies Should Contain, Confidentiality Policies, Confidentiality Policies, Access to Records, Data Protection Act, Systems and Storage, Training, Good Practice Checklist, Summary References.

Word Documents

  • Handout (8 pages)
  • Extra Handouts - Learning Activity 1, Learning Activity 2, Professional Guidance

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