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Risk Assessment

PowerPoint 1 Introduction to Hazards (22 Slides)(includes built in learning activities)

  • Aims, What is a Risk assessment?, The Risk Assessment Process, Learning Activity, Hazards, Hazards - Moving and Handling, Statistics, Hazards - Hazardous Chemicals, Statistics, Hazards - Medicines, Statistics, Hazards - Infection Control, Statistics, Hazards - Food Preparation, Statistics, Learning Activity (End of Session Assessment), References

PowerPoint 2 Introduction to Risk Assessments (12 Slides)

  • Introduction, What are Risk Assessments?, Why Do We Need Risk Assessments?, What is the Risk Assessment Process?, Working Areas and Practice Issues, Procedures and Policies

PowerPoint 3 Risk Assessments (20 Slides) (includes built in learning activities)

  • Introduction, The Law, What is a Risk Assessment?, What is Risk Management?, Risk Management, Duty of Care, Learning Activity 1, Learning Activity Conclusion, Risk Assessments, Learning Activity 2, Learning Activity 2 (cont’d), Learning Activity 3, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Staffing Issues, Summary, Where to Get More Information, References

PowerPoint 4 COSHH (5 Slide Activity Based Presentation)

  • Individual Activity, Group Discussion (Peer Learning)

PowerPoint 5 Infection Control and Risk Assessment (28 Slides) (includes built in learning activities)

  • Introduction, Risk Assessment, Unsafe Conditions (General), Unsafe Acts (General), Definitions – Hazard, Risk, Incident, Near Miss, An Infection Control Related Example, What is a Risk Assessment?, The Stages of a Risk Assessment, Learner Activity (Case Study), Learner Activity (Risk Assessment of Case Study), The Law and Infection Control, Why Risk Management is Important, The Role & Responsibilities of Management, The Role & Responsibilities of Staff, Summary, References

PowerPoint 6 Manual Handling (16 Slides) (includes built in learning activities)

  • Introduction, Background, Manual Handling Regulations (1992), The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1992) (LOLER), Use of Equipment, Manual Handling Learning Activity, Learning Activity Conclusion, Risk Assessments - Care Plans, Summary, Where to Get More Information, References

PowerPoint 7 Introduction to Protection of Self and Others (Generic Overview) (16 slides)

  • What You Need to Learn, Protecting Self and Others, Who is especially vulnerable to harm?, References

Word Documents

  • Word Handouts x 8, Word Written Assessment x 1, Word Learning Activities (case study based) x 4, Word Learning Activity x 1, Word Activity Booklet x 1, Word Case Study Aide Memoir x 1, Word Risk Assessment Generic Example Template

*Various activities are also included in PowerPoints (Noted as above) *COSHH PowerPoint is a dedicated Activity session

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