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Schizophrenia Awareness

This is an overview training pack for staff in care settings and learners on appropriate health and social care courses (including QCF, BTEC etc). The presentations are accompanied by a handout and end of session assessment.

Presentation 1 -  Schizophrenia Awareness (29 slides)

Session slides – titles of slides

  • Aims and objectives, Introduction, Misconceptions (2 slides), Facts, Symptoms (2 slides), Positive Symptoms (Hallucinations)(2 slides), Positive Symptoms (Delusions) (3 slides)
  • Positive Symptoms (Confused Thoughts), Positive Symptoms (Changes in Behaviour and Thoughts)(2 slides), Negative Symptoms (2 slides), Onset of Illness (Difficulties)
  • Causes of Schizophrenia, Risk Factors (Genetics), Risk Factors (Brain Development), Risk Factors (Neurotransmitters), Risk Factors (Pregnancy and Birth Complications)
  • Risk Factors (Head Injuries and Infections), Known Triggers (2 slides), Depression and Suicide, References (2 slides)

Presentation 2 – Schizophrenia Care and Treatment Overview (43 slides)

Session slides – titles of slides

  • Aims and objectives, Introduction, NICE Guidelines (3 slides), Mental Health Strategy, Community Mental Health Teams, Care Programme Approach (2 slides), Treatments
  • Crisis Resolution Team, Detention, Detention (Mental Health Act), Compulsory Detention, Advanced Statements, Advocates, Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service (2 slides)
  • Consent, Capacity, Consent, Capacity and Treatment Decisions, Self-Harm, Violence, Anti-psychotics (2 slides), Side-effects (anti-psychotics), Psychological Treatment
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Family Therapy, Arts Therapy, Other Psychological Treatments, Diagnosis, Referrals via GP, Referrals via Third Party (2 slides), After Diagnosis
  • Self-Care, Healthy Living, Re-referral, References (2 slides)

Word Documents

  • 2 Handouts
  • 2 End of session assessments

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