Training Resources

e Coli Awareness Training Resources

E Coli Awareness

Presentations: 1) E Coli Awareness, 2) E Coli (General Prevention of the Spread of Infection)3) Effective Hand Washing (this presentation can be used on its own or to accompany a practical session).

Word Documents - E Coli General Information Handout, E Coli Fact Sheet, Hand Decontamination Technique Demonstration Handout, Hygiene and Safety Training Record Example Template, Cleaning Schedule Example Template, 2 x Learning Activities (Hand Washing)

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Education Act Awareness Training Resources

Education Act 2011 Overview

Presentation – Education Act 2011 Overview (35 slides)

Slide Titles: Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Education Act 2011, Main Themes, Good Behaviour and Discipline, Allegations against Teachers, Excluded Pupils, Ofsted Inspections, Failing Schools, Ofqual Standards, Academies, Careers Advice, Diploma, Early Years Provision, Early Years, School Leaving Age, Level 2 and 3 Qualifications, Student Loans and Fees, Abolition of Arm’s Length Bodies, Other Provisions, National Assembly for Wales, Linked New Legislation, References

Word Documents - 2 handouts

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Effective Communication Health and Social Care Training

Effective Communication Awareness

Generic training pack suitable for all settings, trainers, agencies and lecturers etc.

Presentations - 1) Communication Cycle, 2) Communication Aggressive, Submissive, Assertive, Avoiding Behaviour Overview (with built in discussion learning activities), 3) Communication Barriers to Effective Communication, 4) Communication Tuckman’s Stages of Group Interaction, 5) Effective Personal Interaction Overview

Word Documents - 7 handouts

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End of Life Planning Communication Tools Training Resources

End of Life Care Awareness

This pack looks at End of Life care. It is suitable for care homes, nursing and palliative settings, training courses, trainers, lecturers etc. As well as training material on EoLC Tools, Communication and Palliative Care awareness.

There is a specific presentation focusing on care planning for EoLC. The Care Planning part of this pack is very hands on and the learning activities are designed to be helpful in reviewing existing care plans and revising them so that care is provided according to the Regulations and Outcomes.

Presentations - 1) End of Life Tools Awareness, 2) Effective Communication, 3) Key Principles of Telling People Bad News, 4) Communicating Bad News, 5) What is Palliative Care?, 6) Person Centred Care Planning

Word Documents - 13 handouts

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Enteral Feeding Peg Feeding Training Material

Enteral Routes - Administering Feeds and Medication, PEG/PEJ, Nasogastric Tubes, Nasal Retention Devices

This pack looks at clinical knowledge required for all responsibilities (including insertion, maintenance, patient care etc. Includes end of session written assessments and competence and observation assessment templates.

Presentations - 8 presentations

Word Documents - 31 handouts, assessments etc.

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Epilepsy Awareness Training Resources Health and Social Care

Epilepsy Awareness

A mixed pack, can be used for in house staff awareness training sessions, first aid sessions and as part of relevant units on full-time and part-time courses. The final presentation in this pack looks at what to do in the event of a seizure.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to Epilepsy, 2) Epilepsy (What it is and who it affects), 3) Diagnosis, 4) Seizures, 5) Seizures - What to Do, 6) Quiz

Word Documents - 7 handouts, 1 learning activity, 4 end of session assessments, 7-page handbook for staff, example care plan template

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Equality Act Training Resources Health and Social Care

Equality Act 2010 Awareness

This is an awareness pack which includes specific examples for the health and social care sector. Useful for trainers, organisations, care settings, nurses with training responsibilities and for use on part-time and full-time courses.

Presentations - 1) Equality Act 2010 What does this mean for service providers?, 2) Public Sector Equality Duty, 3) Equality Act Provisions

Word Documents - Handout (to follow session 1), Speaker Notes (to follow session 1), Handout (to follow session 2), Speaker Notes (to follow session 2), Glossary of Key Terms

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BTEC Level 3 Equality Diversity and Rights Teaching Resources

Equality Diversity and Rights Awareness

The teaching resources in this pack contains the underpinning knowledge for tutor input teaching elements for Unit 2 Equality Diversity and Rights (BTEC Nationals) (Level 3). They can also be for other qualifications but will need adapting. For teachers, lecturers, trainers, training agencies etc.

Presentations - 1) Concepts of Equality, Diversity and Rights in relation to Health and Social Care (Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Overview), 2) Discriminatory Practices in Health and Social Care, 3) Promoting Anti-Discriminatory Practices (Legislation), 4) Promoting Anti-Discriminatory Practices (Codes of Practice)

Word Documents - handouts

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