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Equality Diversity and Rights Health and Social Care Training Material

Equality, Diversity and Rights (NOT Care Settings, courses only)

This resource pack is suitable for the following courses: BTEC National Award, BTEC National Certificate, BTEC National Diploma and for Underpinning Knowledge delivery on other Level 2/3 programmes of study.

The mixed materials in this pack will help teachers and lecturers with the Principal Learning Components and will help you to deliver teaching and learning. The resources have been reviewed and updated - they were originally used for PRE 2010 BTEC Nationals but should prove useful in any trainer's bank of materials.

As there is much overlap between many of the units you will be able to use the material for other units with some adaptations of your own (e.g. aims and objectives, insertion of additional slides etc). You will also be able to mix and match from my presentations to make up your own sessions.

Presentations x 18 - Mental Capacity Act – A new Way of Thinking?, Abuse Case Studies Activity and Discussion, Care Standards Act 2000, Care Value Base, Confidentiality with built in Activities, Confidentiality, Dignity, Discrimination, Duty of Care, Empowerment, Equity, Human Rights Act, Intro to Ethics and Class Debate, Maslow, Mental Capacity Act Awareness, The Role of the Nurse/Care Worker, Toileting and Dignity, What is Social Care?

Word documents x 18 - Handouts and Learning Activities

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Eye Care Health and Social Care Training Resources

Eye Care Awareness

This pack covers procedures for safe administration of eye care and also the chain of infection.

A third presentation looks at Domiciliary Eye Care Provision (i.e. eye tests etc. within a care setting and eye information that should be obtained prior to admittance to care, updating of care records etc.) Suitable for any setting where eye care is administered (residential and nursing homes, domiciliary and homecare, day centres etc.) Suitable for workers, care settings, trainers, training agencies, lecturers etc.

Presentations - 1) Eye Care Awareness, 2) Chain of Infection, 3) Domiciliary Eye Care Services

Word Documents - Handouts (3), End of Session Assessments (3,) Eye Examination Report proforma for care file, Optical Notes on Admission to Care Service proforma (for care file)

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Eye Conditions Awareness Training Material

Eye Conditions Awareness (Eye Anatomy, Age Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma)

The eye condition presentations are basic awareness sessions. Each is accompanied by a printable handout and simple end of session question and answer printable assessment.

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