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Dementia and Managing Continence

PowerPoint training presentation and Word Documents (handouts, case studies).

Suitable for care settings, trainers and training agencies, QCF Diploma trainers etc.

This pack looks at continence issues for people with dementia

By the end of the learners will understand:

  • Why continence can be a problem
  • Steps to be taken by managers and staff to manage continence issues in the care setting and at home (domiciliary care)
  • Physical aspects that should be addressed
  • Professional involvement

Everything in this training pack specifically relates to continence and dementia.

Presentation – Dementia and Continence (43 Slides)

Introduction, Statistics, Supportive Continence Care, Setting the Scene for Incontinence - Cognitive Impairments of Dementia, Sensory/Physical Impairments, Incontinence, Dignity, Challenging Behaviour (relating to continence), Other Issues, Why People with Dementia have Continence Problems, Pain, Bladder Control Problems, Eliminating Physical Causes, Aspects of Incontinence, Understanding Behaviour (relating to continence), Assessing Continence Problems (Assessment, History), GP Assessment. Environmental Changes to Promote Continence and Dignity. Using the Toilet. Things to Remember and Prompts. Clothing and Footwear. Domiciliary care, New Environments, Dementia Friendly Environments (relating to continence), Respecting Residents Rights, Monitoring Continence (Care Staff), Key Points, References

Word Documents

Case Studies (2 documents) Handouts (2 documents)

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