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Rights - The Views of Children Using Services

5 PowerPoint presentations.

In 2014, Ofsted produced a publication summarising the views and experiences of children in the previous 10 years. The presentations in this pack look at common themes, reinforced by different children in different consultations at different times.

Presentation 1 - Children’s Views on Rights and Responsibilities (18 slides)

Slide titles:

  • Introduction, Rights – The Right to:, Responsibilities – The Responsibility to:, Children on Rights and Responsibilities, March 2014, Top 10 Children’s ‘Rights’, Linking to the Human Rights Act, Top 10 Children’s ‘Responsibilities’, Summary, References

Presentation 2 – Children’s Views on Safeguarding (29 slides)

Slide titles:

  • Introduction, Risks, Safety and Safeguarding, Main Dangers to Younger Children, Keeping Younger Children Safe, The Media, Balancing Risks, Bullying, Abuse, Risks of Abuse – Telling Children, Staff Training, Abuse and Punishment, Top 10 Things to Keep Children Safe, Top 5 Things That Would Make Children Feel Safer, Disclosure, Children's Perceptions of Staff, Munro Review into Child Protection, Summary, References

Presentation 3 – Children’s Views on Complaints (24 slides)

Slide titles:

  • Introduction, Two Major Concerns, Official Complaints Procedures, Access to Social Workers, After Making A Complaint, Complaints – 2 Main Concerns, Complaints – Timescales, Independent Person, Time Limits, Positive Suggestions, Complaint About a Decision Made, Definition of a Complaint, Concerns About Complaints, Complaint Satisfaction Figures, Summary, References

Presentation 4 – Children’s Views on Physical Restraint (24 slides)

Slide titles:

  • Introduction, Triggers, Staff Skills, Necessity of Restraint, Abuse of Restraint, Key Points, Messages for Staff, Restraint and Injury, Alternatives to Restraint, Placement Plans, Children's Advice on ‘Calming Children Down’, Other ‘Triggers’, Reducing Situations, Reasons for Restraint, Justifications for Restraint, Summary, References

Presentation 5 – Children’s Views on Sharing Information (17 slides)

Slide titles:

  • Introduction, Two Reasons Why, The Professional, ‘Need to Know’ Basis, Crime Prevention, The Child’s Permission, Assessing Understanding, Understanding, Difficult Issues, Summary, References.

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