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Care Certificate Assessment Logbook Template

This Care Certificate Assessment Logbook template for health and social care settings. Each page allows candidates to submit their evidence of learning, or the assessor (line manager/supervisor) to record their observation.

Each page of the template refers to a specific sub-standard for each standard and clearly shows whether an observation is required or not.

Includes Word Documents (printable from the CD) and PDF versions for buyers who do not have access to Microsoft Word. The front cover is supplied as a Word document only so that you can type into it the name of the Registered Manager and the name of the setting.

You are buying a 208 page template (Word document with PDF version of the same template) for recording assessment of the learning objectives of the Care Certificate. You can print it off and then photocopy the template pages for each member of staff.

There are 15 Standards and numerous ‘sub-standards’. Each page relates to a specific ‘sub-standard’. If you wish to record evidence of learning in this way, this template will be for you.

This template will use up a lot of paper, due to the number of pages.

Extra Word documents include continuation page templates (scroll down to read all that is included as Word documents).

Word Documents - Templates

  • Care Certificate Assessment Log Book (208 pages)
  • Care Certificate Assessment Log Book Front Cover
  • Care Certificate Assessment Log Book Continuation Page (Assessor)
  • Care Certificate Assessment Log Book Continuation Page (Staff Member)
  • Care Certificate Assessment Log Book Continuation Page (evidence of assessment where the candidate has not submitted written information)
  • Registered Managers Final Signing Off Sheet

Available on CD only (£9.99)

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