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Care Certificate Standard 2 - Your Professional Development

PowerPoint presentations and Word Documents providing underpinning knowledge for Standard 2 of the Care Certificate. Suitable for all health and social care settings.

You may purchase a CD for use in your setting (single setting use).

PowerPoint 1 – Standard 2.1 Agree a Personal Development Plan (31 slides)

Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Developing Your Practise – Your Role, Sources of Support for Your Own Learning and Development, Sources of Support Appraisal, Qualifications Occupational Competence, Qualifications Continuing Professional Development, Skills for Care’s ‘Skill Selector’, Personal Development Plans, Starting a PDP, Development Needs/Objectives, Advice and Guidance, Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers(2013), Guidance Statement 6, Feedback from Others, Constructive Feedback, What Next?, References

PowerPoint 2 – Standard 2.2 Develop your knowledge, skills and understanding (40 Slides)

Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Functional Skills, Social Care Standards and Qualifications Require Core Skills, Social Care Commitment, What Are Skill Levels?, Examples of Skill Levels, Skill Levels for Core Skills, National Benchmarks for Functional Skills, Best Approach to Skills Levels Using Qualifications as an Indicator of Skills Level, Why Core Skills Cannot Be Taken For Granted, Care Quality Commission (CQC), Employer Responsibilities, Starting a PDP Development, Needs/Objectives, Advice and Guidance, Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers(2013),Guidance Statement 6, Feedback from Others, Constructive Feedback, Checking Your Core Skills, Using Learning to Improve Your Knowledge, Skills and Understanding, Reflection, Analysing Your Work Practice, The Code of Conduct Guidance Statements, What Next?, References

Word Documents (23)

Handouts for each of the presentations (2)

Extra handouts

Core Skills Tools and Resources, Functional Skills Website Advice, Functional Skills, Activity Provision Qualifications (CPD), Apprenticeship Qualifications (CPD), Assisting and Moving Qualifications (CPD), Chair Based Exercise Qualification (CPD), Dementia Qualifications (CPD), Diabetes Qualifications (CPD), End of Life Qualifications (CPD), Food Safety and Nutrition Qualifications (CPD), For Employer – Funding for Qualifications, I Care Ambassador Qualification (CPD), Learning Disability Qualifications (CPD), Mental Capacity Act Qualifications (CPD), Seated Recreational Qualifications (CPD), Skills Selector, Stroke Care Qualifications (CPD), Example Professional Development Plan, Professional Development Plan Template, Using Learning Opportunities to Demonstrate Knowledge, Skills and Understanding, Qualifications, Care Certificate Standard 2

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