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PowerPoint presentations and hand-outs. A mixed pack.

Caring for someone with Autism can be very challenging. The range of disorders within the field means that no 2 people will be the same. This resource pack will assist training in gaining an understanding of the characteristics and effects of Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Includes a presentation and handout relevant to child development and Statements of Special Needs awareness. Includes a presentation and handout relevant to mental health.

PowerPoint Presentation 1 – Introduction to Autism(24 Slides) (with Word document 7 page hand-out)

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, What is Autism?, Asperger Syndrome, How a Person with Autism Feels, The Characteristics of Autism , Social Interaction, Social Communication, Imagination, Love of Routines, Sensory Difficulties, The Causes of Autism, Diagnosis, Autism Interventions, References

PowerPoint Presentation 2 – Focus on Autism (21 Slides) (with Word document 5 page hand-out)

Slide Titles

  • Introduction, Kanner Syndrome, Further Studies, Wing & Gould (1979), Asperger Syndrome, Autism Prevalence Rates, Prevalence Rates (Census,2001), Diagnosing Autism (Children), Diagnosing Autism (Adults), References

PowerPoint Presentation 3 – Autism and Child Development/Education (41 slides) (with Word document 13 page hand-out)

Slide Titles

  • Introduction, Key points, How Children Develop, Development, Autism and Development, The Characteristics of Autism, Social Interaction, Social Communication, Imagination, Sensory Difficulties, Repetitive Movements/ Self Injury, Speech and Language, Educational/Behavioural Interventions, Medication Interventions, Non Classical Autism, Educational Needs and Outcomes, Children and Young People, Support at School, Exclusions, Bullying, Achievement and Outcomes, Educational Needs, Education – Schools, Special Schools, Mainstream Schools, SEN Statements, Assessment – Information Needed, References

PowerPoint Presentation 4 – Autism and Mental Health (49 slides) (with Word document 16 page hand-out)

Slide Titles

  • Aims and Objectives, Mental Health Problems, International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Definition of Mental Illness, Depression, Depression – Possible Signs, Anxiety, Anxiety and Asperger, Anxiety – Symptoms, Anxiety – Behaviours, Anxiety - Behavioural Techniques, Anxiety – Specific Events, Anxiety – Relaxation Methods, Anxiety – Other Techniques, Anxiety – Drug Treatments, Managing Anxiety, Anxiety – Common Causes, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, Psychological Treatments for Mood Disorders, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychological Treatments, References

PowerPoint Presentation 5 – Treatments for Autism (16 slides) (with Word document 5 page hand-out)

Slide Titles

  • Introduction, Treatments, Treatments (Education), Treatments (Medication), treatments (Other Types of Therapy), Other Treatments, References

PowerPoint Presentation 6 – Introduction to Asperger Syndrome (14 slides) (with Word document 4 page hand-out)

Slide Titles

  • Introduction, Asperger Syndrome, Key Characteristics, Routine, Causes, Treatment, References

EXTRA Handouts (Word Documents)

  • Applied Behavioural Analysis hand-out, CHAT hand-out, Checklist for Autism in Toddlers hand-out, Estimated Adult Population hand-out x 2, TEACHH Awareness hand-out, Triad of Impairments hand-out, Autism hand-out

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