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Administration, Management and Safe Handling of Medicines

Fully comprehensive and detailed PowerPoint presentations on CD covering every aspect of Management of and Safe Handling of Medicines in a Care Setting including administration of medication, management of medication etc. (and associated Aide Memoire Handouts). Individual learning reference points can be printed off from the handouts also supplied (printable handouts which can be used as teacher handouts or student handouts). These teaching resources can be used as ready made training resources or you can use them as course materials to further develop training courses (administration of medication training).

PowerPoint 1 Introduction to Medicines in a Care Setting (78 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction to Medication, Definition of the Term Medicine, Categories and Types of Medicines, Knowledge of Medicines,
  • Forms of Medicines, Benefits of Medicine, Risks associated with Medicines, Risk Assessments, Roles and Responsibilities

PowerPoint 2 Receiving, Disposing and Storing of Medicines within a Healthcare Setting (101 slides) - Slide Tiltles:

  • Legislation, Policies and Procedures, Prescribing of Medicines, Sources of Medication, Record Keeping, Storage of Medication,
  • Temperature Control Cold storage, Storage of Oxygen, Dipsosal of Medicines, Self-Administering Service Users,
  • Risk Assessments and Storage, Effective Staff Communication and Recording

PowerPoint 3 Administration of Medicines in a Care Setting (81 slides) - Slide Tiltles:

  • Preparing for Administration, Procedures for Medicine Administration, Refusal and Covert Administration, Administrative Errors

Word Documents

7  Handouts on all 3 presentations

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