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Basic Skills

This pack looks at skills required of nursing/HCA staff regarding Pressure Ulcers, Preparing the Care Environment, Taking a Temperature, Understanding Blood Pressure, How to Give a Bed Bath, How to Change a Bed and Urinalysis.

Practical learning and observation specific pack.

Blood Pressure PowerPoint (11 Slides)

  • What it is, how it is measured, when to take it manually, blood pressure values, hypertension, hypotension, differences between adults and children, factors affecting blood pressure readings.

How to Change a Bed PowerPoint (18 slides)

  • These can be used either in formal lesson/lecture situation or to accompany a practical session.

How to give a bed bath PowerPoint (33 slides)

  • Complete session on bed bathing (for men and women)

4 Handouts

  • All about Blood Pressure and how to measure it, How to give a Bed Bath, How to Change a Bed, Urinalysis

3 Handouts (with Learner Activities)

  • Preparing the Care Environment, Pressure Ulcers (with pictures), Temperature

2 Case studies for use with activities. Observation Sheet for use with practical activities.

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