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Infection Control Presentation

Infection Control Awareness (Universal Standard Precautions)

Covers all aspects of Universal Standard Infection Control Procedures (including Sharps and Personal Protective Equipment). Meets standards laid down by the Care Quality Commission, National Minimum and Nursing Standards. For use in care settings for direct training, care managers, care staff. Also, for trainers, training agencies and for use on part time and full-time courses. Includes Speakers Notes.

Presentations - 1) Infectious Agents (with built in speaker notes and activities), 2) Introduction to Universal Precautions (with built in activities), 3) Personal Protective Equipment (with built in activities), 4) Effective Handwashing (can be used as a stand-alone learning resource or trainer led to accompany a practical session)

Word Documents - Chain of Infection, Hand Washing Technique, Sharps and Their Disposal, Hepatitis, Portals of Exit, Personal Protective Equipment. Plus, Word Extra Activities - Hand Washing and Decontamination, Hand Washing Technique

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Infection Management Presentation

Infection Management (Responsibilities and Reporting)

The material in this pack looks at law, responsibilities, notifications and risk assessment concerning infection management.

Presentations - 1) Infection Control and Legislation, 2) Infection Control and Management Responsibilities, 3) Infection Control and Risk Assessment, 4) The Consequences of an Infection (this is a Group Workshop Activity Session).

Word Documents - The Consequences of an Infection, Notifiable Diseases, Risk Assessment (General), Risk Assessment General Indicators of Risk (Infection Control), Waste Management Definitions, Risk Assessment Case Study Learning Activity, Risk Assessment Case Study Aide Memoir, Reporting Bodies. PLUS

Various activities are also included in PowerPoint 1, 2, 3 and 5

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Inhaler Presentation

Inhaler Awareness

Presentation, handout and end of session written assessment.

Presentation - Inhaler Awareness (28 slides). Slide titles: Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Self-Administration, How Can the Carer Help, Types of Inhalers, Bronchodilators, Steroid Inhalers, Combination Inhalers, When Should They Be Taken?, Blue Inhalers, ALL Other Inhalers, Summary, References

Word Documents - Handout and end of session assessment

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COPD Presentation

Inhalers and COPD Awareness (2 topics)

This pack looks at 2 specific groups of people with breathing difficulties - those who use an inhaler and those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Presentations - 1) Inhaler Awareness, 2) COPD Awareness

Word Documents - 2 handouts, 2 end of session assessments

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