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Bullying and Harassment

This pack contains PowerPoint presentations, associated hand-outs, an example policy template and learning activities for use with 2 of the PowerPoint sessions.

Suitable for awareness training for all staff in care settings, domiciliary, etc. The 3rd PowerPoint is an INDUCTION PowerPoint session. The pack can also be used for delivering training generically with a few adaptations of your own. It is a complete overview and will also be useful for teachers and trainers of learners on appropriate health and social care courses and QCF underpinning knowledge, workshops etc. The presentations can be used to deliver training as they have been written or you can shorten/modify/lengthen to suit your own session requirements.

Presentation1 – Bullying Awareness (59 slides) (with speakers notes) (and 12 learning activities) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and objectives, Introduction, Bullying and the Law, Learning Activity, Definition of a Bully, Learning Activity, Bullying at Work, Bullying Behaviour, Learning Activity
  • The Bully, Types of Bullying, Learning Activity, Whose Fault is Bullying?, Misconceptions about Bullying, Learning Activity, People affected by Bullying, Learning Activity
  • The Effects of Bullying, Learning Activity, Physical Effects, Emotional Effects, Mental Effects, Behavioural Effects, Learning Activity, Abuse of Power  - Bullying Examples
  • Performance Review, Learning Activity, Failure to Act (Managers), Learning Activity, A Non Bullying Manager, Action to take - Dealing with Bullying, Learning Activity
  • Action to take - Dealing with Bullying, Protection from Harassment Act 1997, Equality Act 2010, Final slide, References.

Presentation 2 – Bullying Awareness for Managers (45 slides) (with speakers notes and end of session assessment) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, How common is it?, Individual Costs, Learning Activity, Organisational Costs, Bullying Culture, Zero Tolerance, The Dysfunctional Person
  • Learning Activity, Interventions – Overall Aim, Interventions  (Organisations), Interventions (individual), Management Styles, Summary, References.

PowerPoint 3 – Equality and Diversity Bullying Induction presentation (11 slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, What is Bullying and Harassment?, Bullying at Work, Harassment at Work, What is Discrimination?, What is Victimisation?, How will it be dealt with? Any Questions?

Word Documents

  • 12 Learning Activities for PowerPoint 1, Handout (to follow PowerPoint 1), Speakers Notes (for PowerPoint 1), 2 Learning Activities for PowerPoint 2
  • 1 Answer Sheet (for PowerPoint 2 activity), 1 End of Session Assessment (for PowerPoint 2), Handout (to follow PowerPoint 2), Speakers Notes (for PowerPoint 2)
  • Conflict Management Styles Handout, Management Styles Handout, Academic Reading, Bullying in the Workplace extra Handout, Care Settings Aide Memoir
  • Characteristics of Bullying Handout, Definitions Handout, Generic Line Manager Aide Memoir, Generic Staff Aide Memoir, Impact of Bullying and Harassment Handout
  • Legislation Handout, Types of Bully Handout, Types of Bullying and Harassment Handout, Unacceptable Behaviours Handout, Useful Contact Handout
  • EXAMPLE Policy and Procedures Template – can be edited setting to insert names etc.

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