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Catheter Care

12 PowerPoint Presentations, 20 Word Documents.

This pack is suitable for teachers and trainers responsible for the delivery of training on Catheter Care. You can use the PowerPoints as they are or you can mix and match from my slides to make up your tailored sessions. There is a variety of Handouts included in this pack (see list below for full details of pack contents).

PowerPoint 1 Catheter Care Overview (25 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, When to Use Urinary Catheterisation,Infection Risks, Records and Assessment, UTI's, Review, Replacement, Indwelling, Three Way Devices, Residual Volume Decisions, Which Catheter?, Informed Consent, Mental Capacity Key Principles, Obtaining Consent, Insertion, Maintenance of the Urinary Catheter System, Education, References.

PowerPoint 2 Urinary Catheterisation (55 Slides)  - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Background, Infection Control Procedures, Defence Mechanisms, Risk, Assessing Need, Department of Health 2001, Knowledge and Skills – NMC 2002, Reasons for Catheterisation, Assessing Need, RCN (2008), Knowledge, Clinical Indications for Urinary Catheterisation (Acute Care), Choice of Catheter, Foley, Gauge, Securing Catheters, Aseptic Technique, Lubricants and Gels, Securing a Catheter – Associated Problems, Swivel Clips, Other Devices, Drainage Bag Stands / Bag Attachments, National Audit Office (2004), NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (2004), Catheter Insertion, Prior to Urethral Catheter Insertion, Meatal Cleansing, Records, Catheter Drainage Options , Emptying Urine Bags, Hand Washing, Catheter Maintenance, Catheter Care Review, Education, Healthcare Professionals, References.

PowerPoint 3 Emptying a Catheter Bag (14 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Standard Infection Control Procedures, Emptying the Bag - Steps to Take, Non Infected Urine, Measuring Urine Output, Colour of Urine, If Urine Output is Normal, If Urine Output is Abnormal, If Urine Output is Abnormal (Suspected UTI), References.

PowerPoint 4 Removal of Urinary Catheters (22 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, The Essentials, Routine Removal (Urethral), Suprapubic Removal, Problems, Techniques, Warning, References.

PowerPoint 5 Assessing Bladder Function and Continence Older People (39 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, The Bladder, Continence, A Normal Bladder (2 Slides), The Bladder – Age Related Changes, Age Related Changes – Women, Age Related Changes – Men , Age Related Changes – Nocturnal Polyuria, Health Conditions, Medication Review, Diabetes, Other Conditions, Constipation, Dementia, Holistic Approach to Assessment, , Assessment of Symptoms, Urinalysis, History, Bladder Scans, Assessment Tools, Bladder Diaries, The Examination, Abdominal Examinations, Cognitive Difficulties, Mobility Difficulties, Care Planning, Therapies, Care Homes – Prompted Voiding, Medication, Surgery, Conclusion, References.

PowerPoint 6 Urinalysis (15 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Composition of Urine, Colour of Urine, Volume of Urine, Urinalysis, Haematuria, Specimens of Urine, MSSU, CSU, 24 Hour Urine Samples, UTIs, Cleaning Meatus, References

PowerPoint 7 The Bladder (27 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives , Introduction, Normal Functioning, Common Bladder Symptoms, Neurogenic Bladder, Inability to Store, Inability to Empty, Initial Assessment, Residual Volume Less Than 100 Mls, Residual Volume More Than 100 Mls, Medication, Side Effects of Anticholinergics, Other Medication, Self-Catheterisation, Effects of Incontinence, Managing (Inability to Store), Managing (Inability to Empty), Special Note, Client Confusion, Pelvic Floor, People Severely Affected, Aids, Indwelling Catheters, Catheters - Problems, Surgery, Urology Referrals, References

PowerPoint 8 Infectious Agents (31 Slides)(With built in speaker notes and activities) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims, Introduction, Chain of Infection, Infectious Agents, Other Infectious Agents, Viruses, Diseases caused by Viruses, Examples of Diseases Caused By Viruses, Influenza, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Fungi, Candida Albicans (2 Slides), Chain of Infection, Reservoirs, Chain of Infection, Portals of Exit (5 Slides), Chain of Infection, Portal of Entry, Chain of Infection, Susceptible Hosts, Summary, References.

PowerPoint 9 Anatomy and Physiology The Skin (16 Slides) - Slide Titles)

  • The Skin (Illustration), The Skin, Functions of the Skin, Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous Tissue, Skin Blood Vessels, References

PowerPoint 10 MRSA (49 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • MRSA, What is MRSA? Symptoms of MRSA, MRSA Skin Infections (Illustrations), Symptoms of MRSA, MRSA Infections (Illustrations), Symptoms of MRSA, Why do we have MRSA? , The Dangers of MRSA, Who is at Risk of MRSA? Infected Areas (Illustrations), Who is at Risk of MRSA? How is MRSA Spread? Controlling MRSA, MRSA and Cleaning, MRSA and the Environment, The Overuse of Antibiotics, Prevention of MRSA (9 Slides), MRSA and Statistics, Mandatory Surveillance Data (Acute Trusts), References.

PowerPoint 11 Essential Steps to Safe Clean Care Urinary Catheter Care (7 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Department of Health, Urinary Catheter Care, Catheter Insertion, Continuing Care (2 Slides), Illustration, References.

PowerPoint 12 Essential Steps to Safe Clean Care Preventing the Spread of Infection (7 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Department of Health, Hand Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment, Aseptic/Aseptic Non-Touch, Safe Disposal of Sharps, Illustration, References.

Word Documents

  • Aseptic Technique (Handout), Assessing Bladder Function and Urinary Incontinence in Older People HANDOUT (2 versions), Catheter Bag Drainage and Fluid Balance Assessment Summary, Procedure Guidelines Aseptic Technique Assessment Summary, Catheter Care Procedure Guidelines Assessment Summary, Catheter Leg Bags, Tubes, Accessories HANDOUT, Catheter Specimen of Urine Procedure HANDOUT, Continence Information Factsheet (2 versions), Continence Information Practical Help HANDOUT, National Patient Safety Agency THE CORRECT CATHETER TO USE HANDOUT, Procedure Emptying Catheter Bag HANDOUT, Procedure Guidelines Hand Washing Assessment Summary, Procedure Guidelines Urinalysis and Fluid Balance Assessment Summary, Suprapubic Catheter procedure HANDOUT, The Role of the Health Care assistant HANDOUT, Urinary Catheter Care Further Reading HANDOUT, Urinary Catheter Devices HANDOUT, Urine Retention HANDOUT

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