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Stress Awareness Presentation

Stress Awareness

Stress Awareness & Management Standards Approach. 1) Stress Awareness presentation and handouts. 2) Aide memoir handouts for managers on Risk Assessing for Stress in the workplace based

Presentation - Stress Awareness

Word Documents - 3 Handouts on Stress Awareness, 6 Handouts/Aide Memoirs on the Management Standards Approach for Managers (Risk Assessment) - Communications/Policies- Legal Status - Management Standards - Risk Identification & Action Process- Steering Groups on the Management Standards Approach.

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Stroke Awareness Presentation

Stroke Awareness

Suitable for trainers, training agencies, care staff (including domiciliary), carers in the voluntary sector etc. Also suitable for care managers wanting to use these resources for in-house training and for use on full and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Stroke Awareness, 2) Aphasia, 3) Cerebrovascular Disease

Word Documents - 3 handouts

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Supervision Presentation

Supervision and Support

Looks at various aspects of the supervision process. A complete 'How To' with templates for use in the supervision process. The training material in this pack meets national minimum standards – including how it should be arranged, undertaken, how often and where it should take place. Also includes training material on Policies and Procedures. The pack also includes templates of records to use. Suitable for care managers and supervisors. Individual supervisory sessions (as well as group sessions) are compulsory and must take place in all health and social care settings. Also suitable for trainers and lecturers for use with full and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to Supervision, 2) Supervision, 3) Conducting Support and Supervision Sessions, 4) Support for Supervision

Word Documents - Handouts (to follow all Presentations). Other handouts: 6 example templates, 8 handouts on supervisory aspects in care.

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Dysphagia Presentation

Swallowing Difficulties Awareness (Dysphagia)

Many people have problems with swallowing. This packs looks at the problems, the effects on eating and drinking and the ability to take medication comfortably.

Presentations - 1) Swallowing Difficulties Awareness, 2) Dysphagia and older people (includes medication problems)

Word Documents - Handout (to follow PowerPoint 1), Handout (to follow PowerPoint 2), 1 Written end of session Assessment, Dysphagia risk assessment aide memoir

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