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Challenging Behaviours and Prevention of Challenging Behaviours (Pack A)

This pack looks at challenging behaviours, why situations arise and prevention methods.

PowerPoint 1) - Introduction to Challenging Behaviours - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, What are these behaviours?, Why is it a problem?, Challenging behaviours, How common is it?, Why does it occur? Child development, Demands, Challenging behaviours as a means of control, Other Causes, Promoting positive change, Preventing challenging behaviours, Promoting independence. Early Intervention, Summary, References

PowerPoint 2) - Challenging Behaviours (2) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Statistics, Carers, Research, Control, Frustration, Mental Health Problems, Helping people with challenging behaviours, Common problems, Specialist Help, Warnings about medication, Key points, References

PowerPoint 3) - Preventing Challenging Behaviours (includes built in learning activities) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Preventing challenging behaviours, Key points. Addressing the general life situation, General lifestyle, Learning Activity, Diffusing a situation, Learning activity, Techniques (9 techniques covered), Learning activity, Managing your own behaviour, Principles of personal behaviour management, Summary, References.

PowerPoint 4) - Introduction to Physical Interventions - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Reactive strategies, Good reactive strategies, What is a physical intervention?, The 3 categories of physical interventions, Using physical interventions, Key principles, Summary, References.

Word Documents (5 Handouts)

  • Further Reading List, Reasons for challenging behaviours, Challenging behaviours awareness, Preventing challenging behaviours, Physical Interventions

Word Documents (3 End of Session Assessments)

  • Written Assessment questions

Word Documents (3 Separate Learning Activities)

  • Control, Physical interventions, Case study based

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