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Child Abuse - Introduction to

PowerPoint Presentation, handout and end of session assessment (printable from the CD).

PowerPoint – Introduction to Child Abuse 40 slide teaching presentation with Word document 6 page handout.

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Definition of a Child, Every Child Matters, Some Facts About Child Abuse, Abuse – Forms, Signs and Effects, One Definition of Child Abuse, Recognising Abuse and Neglect, What is Child Abuse?, Who Abuses?, Features of Abuse (2 slides), Indicators of Abuse, Additional Indicators for Disabled Children, Some Behavioural Symptoms of Abuse, What is Physical Abuse?, Physical Abuse Common Sites, Physical Abuse – Signs, Emotional Abuse (3 slides), Emotional Abuse – Signs, Sexual Abuse (3 slides), Sexual Offences Act 2003, Sexual Abuse (Physical Contact), Sexual Abuse – Signs, Neglect (3 slides), Some Symptoms of Neglect, What Stops Children Reporting Abuse? (2 slides), Domestic Violence and Abuse, Domestic Abuse and The Abuse of Children, Some Symptoms of Domestic Violence and Abuse, End of Session, References.

Word documents:

  • Handout (printable from the CD)
  • End of Session Assessment (printable from the CD)

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