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Child Development - Childrens Learning and Development

A mixed pack - suitable for teachers, lecturers, QCF trainers, private trainers etc. You will also be able to mix and match from my presentations to make up your own sessions, add your own aims and objectives etc based on your specific session.

PowerPoints - 8 presentations

  1. Attachment Theory Bowlby
  2. Operant and Classical Conditioning
  3. Cognitive Theory Piaget
  4. Language Acquisition
  5. Nature Nurture
  6. Child Development Theorists Gesell, Freud, Erikson, Skinner, Vygotsky, Piaget
  7. PICES Development
  8. Overview to Lifespan Development

Word Handouts (18)

  • Children & Happiness (incs Bowlby & Ainsworth), Cognitive Development Ages 2/3 years, Cognitive Development Ages 3/4 years, Cognitive Development Ages 4/5 years
  • Cognitive Development Ages 4/7 months, Development of the Foetus, Erikson’s Theory of Development, General Stages of Development Ages 2/5 years, Nature Nurture, Infant Reflexes, Piaget,
  • Learning to Talk, Normal Stages of Development Birth/5 years, Pre-Natal Development, Puberty, Social Emotional Development (Erikson), Speech & Language Development, Feral Children

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