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Codes of Practice Anti Discriminatory Practice (Level 3)

Teaching presentation - an overview of codes of practice and standards of conduct underpinning anti discriminatory practice. With speakers notes on 12 built in learning activities (2 of which are group written activities). You can print off handouts from the actual PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint converted and saved as 4 different versions (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Aims and Objectives Slide:

  • This session looks at codes of practice with regard to anti-discriminatory practice in social care
  • By the end of the session you will gain an awareness of:
  • Codes of practice Codes of conduct established by professional bodies
  • You will demonstrate your understanding of how codes of practice promote anti-discriminatory practice via a series of learning activities . . . . . and your own specification learning outcome assessment.

PowerPoint presentation (34 slides)

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and objectives – Introduction – What do we mean by codes of practice? – Codes of Practice – Bodies Governing Health and Social Care) – Social Care Codes of Practice – The Role of the Regulator – 5 slides then headed either HCPC, CCW, NISSC, SSIC – Health and Social Care Act – Code of Practice for Employer – Code of Practice for Workers – Rules of Conduct – Promote Person Centred Care – Team Working – Inappropriate Practice - Communication – CQC/RQIA/CSSI/SCSWIS, - Conclusions - References and Further Information

Word Documents

  • Speakers notes on Learning Activities, 2 x Group Activities. (Remaining learning activities built into the presentation)

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