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Advance Care Planning (How it works in practice)

PowerPoint presentation, Handouts, Case Study, End of Session Assessment

PowerPoint Presentation – Advance Care Planning (How it Works in Practice) Awareness (45 slides)

Slide titles

  • Aims and Objectives, Setting the Scene, Introduction, ACP Overview, Practice Developments, Research, Learning Activity, Advanced Care Planning (ACP), What Is ACP (2 slides) Advance Wishes, Mental Capacity Act 2005, Mental Capacity and ACP, Research – Simon and Murray (2008), Research – Horne et.al (2006), Research – Pautex et.al (2008), Research – Caplan et.al (2006), Appropriate Tools Initiating Advanced Care Planning, Who Should Initiate ACP? (2 slides), Making ACP Effective, Type of Information Needed ( 3 slides), Advanced Care Planning Triggers, Where and When (4 slides), Before Considering Discussion, Wrong Circumstances, ACP – Wider Communication, Sharing Information with Family, The Importance of Regular Reviews, Advance Statements (2 slides), Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA), ACP Document Availability, Benefits of ACP (2 slides), Summary, References.

Word Documents

  • ACP (How it Works in Practice), End of Session Assessment, ACP (How it Works in Practice) Handout, ACP Competencies Summary Handout, ACP Guideline Summary Handout Aide Memoir, Examples of questions advance care planning discussion, Case Study A Case, Study B Follow up Notes, Case Study B, Case Study C and D, Core Competencies for Effective Delivery of End of Life Care Handout, End of Life Care Useful Websites_Resources Handout, Handout 1, Quality Standards ACP and EOLC Handout, Quality Statements Handout, Supporting People at the End of Life Common Core Principles Handout.

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