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Communication - The Importance of Effective Communication in Care Settings (INDUCTION and QCF)

Teaching/training presentation with 6 page hand-out. Suitable for residential care settings as part of INDUCTION for all staff and also as part of QCF framework training. Stresses the importance of communication with all clients.

PowerPoint presentation - The Importance of Effective Communication in the Care Setting (27 slides)

Slide titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Why is it Important?, Does it Come Naturally?, Why is it Important for me?, More than just a Care Worker, What has Research Found? (4 slides), Research has Found this happens, Your Clients Your Clients, Your Communication, Misconceptions and Difficulties, A Mistaken Belief, Agitation and Distress, Elder Speak, Empathy, last Words and Summary, References

Stresses that specific training for key areas will follow.

Word Document

  • 6 page hand-out

Available as a Download only £3.99. 

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