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Communication - Tuckman's Stages of Group Interaction Awareness

21 slide teaching presentation and handout (level 2/3).

Aims and Objectives slide:

  • In this session you will learn about the theory behind stages of group interaction
  • By the end of the session you will have a basic understanding of the Tuckman Model of Team Development and his 5 stages of group interaction
  • You will demonstrate your understanding . . . . . Tutor/trainer to insert assessment methods here

Slide topics – Introduction, What is a Group, Johnson and Johnson Quote, Dynamics of a Group, Tuckman’s Team Developmental Model, The 4 Stages, Stage 1 Forming, Stage 2 Storming, Stage 3 Norming, Stage 4 Performing, Stage 5 Adjourning, Tuckman’s Observations.

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