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Care Act Awareness Training Resources

Care Act 2014 Awareness

A complete overview of the Care Act 2014 and details current changes to the original implementation. One very large presentation, set out in sections, with some speaker notes on some of the slides. There is also a smaller presentation which is a summary of the changes regarding care, support, assessment and costs from the perspective of a service user/carer.

Presentations - 1) Care Act 2014 Awareness, 2) Summarising the changes for service users and carers

Word Documents - 3 presentations handouts, 6 case studies

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Care Planning Training Resources

Care Planning Awareness

Suitable for trainers, training agencies, care settings and for use on full time and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Introduction, 2) Process of Care Planning, 3) Collecting Information, 4) Care Planning Meetings

Word Documents - 10 handouts, Case Study, Speakers Notes x 2

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Catheter Care Training Resources

Catheter Care Awareness (Urinary)

For trainers, training agencies, care settings, nurses with training responsibilities and for use on part-time and full-time courses.

Presentations - 1) Catheter Care Overview, 2) Urinary Catheterisation, 3) Emptying a Catheter Bag, 4) Removal of Urinary Catheters, 5) Assessing Bladder Function and Continence Older People, 6) Urinalysis, 7) The Bladder, 8) Infectious Agents, 9) Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin, 10) MRSA, 11) Essential Steps to Safe Clean Care Urinary Catheter Care, 12) Essential Steps to Safe Clean Care Preventing the Spread of Infection

Word Documents - Aseptic Technique, Assessing Bladder Function and Urinary Incontinence in Older People, Catheter Bag Drainage and Fluid Balance Assessment Summary, Procedure Guidelines Aseptic Technique Assessment Summary, Catheter Care Procedure Guidelines Assessment Summary, Catheter Leg Bags, Tubes, Accessories, Catheter Specimen of Urine Procedure, Continence Information Factsheet, Continence Information Practical Help, National Patient Safety Agency THE CORRECT CATHETER TO USE, Procedure Emptying Catheter Bag, Procedure Guidelines Hand Washing Assessment Summary, Procedure Guidelines Urinalysis and Fluid Balance Assessment Summary, Suprapubic Catheter procedure, The Role of the Health Care Assistant, Urinary Catheter Devices, Urine Retention

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Challenging Behaviour Awareness Training Resources

Challenging Behaviour Awareness

For use in care settings, for care staff, trainers and training agencies and for use on full and part time courses. 'Challenging behaviour' is difficult or problem behaviour exhibited by children or adults with a learning disability - it is not however limited to people with a learning disability. This pack gives an awareness of challenging behaviour, why situations can arise and how situations might be prevented.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to Challenging Behaviours, 2) Challenging Behaviours, 3) Preventing Challenging Behaviours, 4) Introduction to Physical Interventions

Word Documents - Further Reading List, Reasons for challenging behaviours, Challenging behaviours awareness, preventing challenging behaviours, Physical Interventions (these are handouts). Plus 3 End of Session Assessments and Separate Learning Activities

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Physical Intervention Awareness Training Resources

Challenging Behaviours, Restraint and Abuse (Pack B)

This is an AWARENESS pack and therefore can be delivered to all staff (approved courses only for staff authorised to use restraint). There are situations when restraint is used when dealing with clients. The law is very strict in this area and methods used can be considered abuse. This pack includes a session on unacceptable techniques used in restraining individuals.

Presentations - 1) Legislation and Restraint, 2) Local Policies and Restraint, 3) Risks and Restraint, 4) Restraining Clients

Word Documents - 4 handouts, 2 end of session assessments, 2 learning activities

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Child Abuse Awareness Training Resources

Child Abuse (Introduction to)

Presentation - Introduction to Child Abuse 40 slide teaching presentation with Word document 6-page handout.

Slide Titles: Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Definition of a Child, Every Child Matters, Some Facts About Child Abuse, Abuse – Forms, Signs and Effects, One Definition of Child Abuse, Recognising Abuse and Neglect, What is Child Abuse?, Who Abuses?, Features of Abuse (2 slides), Indicators of Abuse, Additional Indicators for Disabled Children, Some Behavioural Symptoms of Abuse, What is Physical Abuse?, Physical Abuse Common Sites, Physical Abuse – Signs, Emotional Abuse (3 slides), Emotional Abuse – Signs, Sexual Abuse (3 slides), Sexual Offences Act 2003, Sexual Abuse (Physical Contact), Sexual Abuse – Signs, Neglect (3 slides), Some Symptoms of Neglect, What Stops Children Reporting Abuse? (2 slides), Domestic Violence and Abuse, Domestic Abuse and The Abuse of Children, Some Symptoms of Domestic Violence and Abuse, End of Session, References.

Word documents: Handout, End of Session Assessment.

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Child Development Training Resources

Child Development Theories

4 presentations on child development theories and theorists (Gesell, Feud, Erikson, Skinner, Piaget, Vygotsky), Attachment Theory (Bowlby), Operant and Classical Conditioning, Cognitive Theory (Piaget)

Plus 18 Word Document handouts on cognitive development in children.

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Child Maltreatment Effects Training Resources

Child Development - The Impact of Maltreatment

For use in childcare and early years settings. Also, for social workers and social work training, training agencies, trainers and lecturers.

Presentations - 1) The Impact of Abuse, 2) Parental Problems as Risk factors, 3) Attachments (Healthy and Unhealthy), 4) Maltreatment and Brain Development

Word Documents - 5 handouts

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