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Advocacy Awareness

These teaching resources can be used as ready made training resources or you can use them as course materials to further develop training courses. Useful for advocacy courses and social care courses.

PowerPoint Presentation 1 (35 slides) (Includes a built-in learning activity and some speaker notes) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims/Objectives, Introduction, What is Advocacy?, What Does Advocacy Promote?, Social Exclusion, Equality, Social Justice
  • Protection of Vulnerable People, Individual Rights, Care Value Base, Types of Advocacy, When an Advocate might be needed
  • Physical Illness, Mental Illness, Physical Disability, Learning Activity, Mental Capacity, Conclusions, References

PowerPoint Presentation 2 (27 slides) (Includes a built-in learning activity) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims/Objectives, Introduction, The Advocacy Charter, Key Principles, Accessibility, Learning Activity, Clarity of Purpose, Independence
  • Empowerment, Equal Opportunities, The Client at the Centre, Confidentiality, Training and Support, Professionalism, Accountability
  • Conclusions, References

Word Documents

  • 2 x Written End of Session Assessments, 3 short case studies on one Word document for use with a learning activity
  • 1 x Learning Activity Handout, 1 x Learning Activity
  • 1 x Trainer Aide List of Questions for use with PowerPoint 1, 1 x Trainer Aide for Learning Activity

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