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COSHH - Blood and Body Fluid Spillages

Management of Blood and Bodily Fluids 70 slide teaching presentation with handout and end of session assessment (printable Word documents).

PowerPoint Presentation – Management of Blood and Bodily Fluids (70 Slides)

Slide Titles:

Aims and Objectives Slide:

  • This session looks at the management of blood and bodily fluid spillages in health and social care settings
  • By the end of the session you will have a basic understanding of:
  • Relevant legislation and risk assessment
  • Blood bourne viruses and blood and bodily fluid spillages
  • Responsibilities of the manager and staff
  • Preventing or controlling risk and employee basic precautions
  • You will also learn about risk levels, incident reporting, contamination procedures and cleaning methods
  • The session also discusses mandatory training required (infection control)

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and objectives – Introduction – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1994 (2 slides) - Blood Bourne Viruses (3 slides) - How BBVs are Spread in the Workplace (2 slides) - Responsibilities of the Manager (7 slides) - Preventing or controlling risk (2 slides) - Employee basic precautions (3 slides) - Responsibilities of Staff (2 slides) - Why manage blood and body fluid spillages? - Who should manage spillages? – Risk Levels (Cleaning) - COSHH assessments – chemical disinfectants - Spillage kits – healthcare settings -Categories According to Risk (Low Risk) – Low Risk Cleaning Methods (2 slides) - Chlorine releasing agents (3 slides) - Chlorine concentrations - Chlorine releasing preparations - Preparation for dealing with spillages (4 slides) - Spillage of Blood/Blood Stained Fluids (Impervious Floors and Surfaces 2 slides) - Spillages on Carpets (2 slides) - Spillage of Low Risk Fluids (e.g. Urine, Faeces, Vomit) onto Any Flooring or Surface (2 slides) - Waste disposal – Human Hygiene Waste - Incident reporting – RIDDOR – Contamination Procedures (2 slides) – First Aid Staff – Training (2 slides) - References

Word Documents

  • 12 page Handout
  • Extra Handout
  • 1 End of Session Assessment

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