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Dementia Awareness

1) Introduction to Dementia (20 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • What is Dementia?, Dementia, Symptoms of Dementia, Causes of Dementia,  Dementia Cures?, Treatments and Side Effects, Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Dementia or Ageing? Can Dementia be Prevented? References

2) Understanding Dementia (29 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Understanding Dementia, Why Do People Get Dementia?, Understanding Dementia, Neurones, Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia, Other Dementias
  • Lifestyle, Symptoms, Progression of Dementia, Risk Factors, Initial Diagnosis, What is Memory?, Understanding Dementia, Memory, Thinking, Remembering and Reasoning
  • References

3) Psychological Treatments for Dementia (22 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Psychological Treatments, Background Information on Dementia, Aims of Treatment, Psychological Treatments for Dementia
  • Reality Orientation and Reminiscence Therapy, Reality Orientation, Reality Orientation – Repetition, Reality Orientation – How it can Help
  • Reality Orientation (Training), Reality Orientation – Can it cause any Harm?, Reminiscence Therapy, Psychological Treatments (Difficult Feelings and Thoughts)
  • Counselling, References

4) Drug Treatments for Dementia (39 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Background Information on Dementia, Behavioural Symptoms, Health and Psychosocial Factors, Drug side effects general, Prescription and Administering general
  • Anxiety Relieving Drugs general, Noticeable Benefits general, Increasing the Dosage, Safe Handling of Medicines, Explanation of generic and Proprietary, Donepezil, Galantamine,
  • Rivastigmine and Memantine general), Donepezil , Galantamine, Memantine, Rivastigmine, References

5) Aggressive Behaviour and Dementia (20 Slides) - Slide Contents:

  • Types of Aggression, Reasons for Aggression, Overreactions, triggers for Aggression, Possible Reasons for Aggression, What can the Carer do?, Situations to Avoid , Giving Praise, Being Alert,
  • Find Activities, Encourage Exercise, Regular Health Checks,  Coping Measures, Coping Strategies – Physical Violence, After an Incident, Discussing Aggressive Incidents, References.

6) Communicating and Dementia (17 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Communication, Listening Skills, Before You Start to Communicate, Body Language, Speaking Clearly, Communication, Respect, Communication, References.

Word Handouts

  • 6 handouts
  • 6 End of Session Assessment sheets

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