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Dementia - Risk Enablement Awareness

An awareness pack for delivery to staff and learners on appropriate health and social care courses (teaching and training delivery). It is also suitable for training delivery in care settings (including domiciliary).  You can adapt it if you wish to focus on generic risk enablement (simply delete references to dementia).

Download only (not available on CD).

Presentation – Dementia and Risk Enablement (46 slides)

Session slides – titles of slides

  • Aims and objectives, Introduction, The link with personalisation, Barrier to risk enablement, What is risk enablement?, Risk enablement and dementia, Person centred care
  • Human rights and equality, Human Rights Act 1998, Equality Act 2010, Duty of care, Shared understanding, Risk enablement and well-being, Risk enablement plan
  • Risk assessment tools, Essential training, Mental Capacity Act, 5 core principles (MCA), Deprivation of liberty safeguards, Understanding dementia, What is risk?
  • Health and Safety Executive, Case study, Research evidence, Abuse related risks, Promoting independence, Effective communication, Decisions about risk
  • Balancing freedom – other clients, Common risk factors – falls, Falls, Summary, References

Word Documents

  • Handout
  • End of session assessment

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