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Development Through the Lifestages

This resource pack is suitable for BTEC health and social care courses, QCF underpinning knowledge, etc. The mixed materials in this pack will help teachers and lecturers to deliver underpinning knowledge for teaching and learning.

Suitable for teachers, lecturers, NVQ, QCF trainers, private trainers etc. As there is much overlap between many units on health and social care courses you will be able to use the material for other units with some adaptations of your own (e.g. aims and objectives, insertion of additional slides etc. You will also be able to mix and match from my presentations to make up your own sessions.

17 PowerPoint Presentations

  • Child Development theorists, Major Life Events, Introduction to Development through the Life Stages, Types of Development, Language Acquisition
  • Psychological Theories of Development (Classical and Operant Conditioning), Psychological Theories of Development (Attachment Theory)
  • Psychological Theories of Development (Case Study Based), Psychological Theories of Development (Cognitive Theory)
  • Class Test/Quiz, The Aging Process - Psychological Theories of Development (Activity Theory), The Aging Process - Psychological Theories of Development (Disengagement Theory)
  • The Aging Process – Biological Theories of Development (Wear and Tear Theory), Body Image and Self Esteem, Nature/Nurture (includes twins), Major Life Events 1, Major Life Events 2

All presentations included in this teaching and training resource pack are fully referenced.

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