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Dignity in Care

Suitable for all full-time and part-time health and social care courses including awareness training at care settings.

This pack has been written specifically in relation to the ‘Dignity Challenge’ and covers all aspects associated with the 10 challenges.

PowerPoint 1 – What is the Dignity Challenge? (19 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, What is Dignity?, Dignity in Care, Background – Key Documents, Background, Learning Activity 1, Work Factors, Personal Factors,
  • What is the Dignity Challenge?, Dignity Challenge – The Objectives, The 10 Dignity Challenges, Learning Activity 2, Who is a Dignity Champion?. Summary, References

Word Documents

  • The 10 Challenges (Handout), Learning Activity 1, Learning Activity 2

PowerPoint 2 – Care Practice – Factors that Threaten Dignity (23 Slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Factors Affecting Dignity, Learning Activity 1, Practical Threats, Organisational Threats, Organisational Threats Food and Drink, Food and Drink
  • Autonomy Organisational Threats Care Planning, Hygiene and Personal Appearance Threats, Hygiene and Personal Appearance, Mealtime Threats, Complaints Threats, Whistle-Blowing Threats
  • Abuse, Summary, References

Word Documents

  • Food and Drink Handout, Hygiene and Personal Appearance Handout, Help sheet for Activities, Learning Activity 1, Learning Activity 2

PowerPoint 3 – Factors Affecting Dignity (29 Slides) - Slide Titles:

This is a dedicated activity session. Each slide describes a scenario – designed to engage the learners in active debate. Can also be used to accompany a written activity alternatively (complete with 1 alternative WORD learning activity)

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Factors Affecting Dignity, Respect, Communication, Social Inclusion, Autonomy, Privacy, Hygiene and Personal Appearance, Mealtimes
  • Complaints, Whistleblowing, Abuse, Summary, References

Word Documents

  • Factors Affecting Dignity Handout, End of Session Assessment

Workshop Session PowerPoint 4 – Dignity Challenge Tests (11 Slides) 

  • This is a workshop session intended for groups of learners to look at each of the 10 dignity challenges and question whether challenges are being met. There are 2 activity sheets to choose from to run along side the workshop (depending on whether the learner already works in a care setting or is on a course of study).

Word Documents

  • Dignity Tests Handout, Learning Activity, Learning Activity (Alternative Version)

Extra Word Handouts

  • Abuse Handout, Dignity Handout, Key Documents Handout, Mental Health Legislation Handout, Standards and Benchmarks Handout, Case Studies Handout
  • Information Legislation Handout, Legislation Summary Handout

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