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Dysphagia (Swallowing Difficulties) Awareness

This pack contains 2 PowerPoint presentations, associated hand-outs, a risk assessment aide memoir and one end of session assessment.

It will be useful for teachers and trainers of learners on appropriate health and social care courses and QCF underpinning knowledge, workshops etc. Also appropriate for direct awareness training in care settings.

Presentation1 – Swallowing Difficulties Awareness (41 slides)  - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, How do we swallow, Automatic action, Pharyngeal stage, Peristalsis, Stomach, Swallowing difficulties, Problems that can occur, Aspiration, Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Causes , The brainstem, Varying symptoms, Diagnosis, After a diagnosis, Managing techniques, Anxiety, Dental hygiene, Managing more severe swallowing difficulties
  • Weight loss and dehydration, Persisting difficulties, PEGs, References

Presentation 2 – Dysphagia and older people (includes medication problems) (16 slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Why are older people at risk?, Are all symptoms the same?, How common is it?, Dysphagia and medication, Pharmacokinetics
  • Dysphagia and medication, Summary, References

Word Documents

  • Handout (to follow PowerPoint 1), Handout (to follow PowerPoint 2), Written end of session Assessment (for PowerPoint 1), Dysphagia risk assessment aide memoir

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