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Facilitating Meetings

PowerPoint presentation and 3 Handouts. For lecturers and trainers delivering on health and social care courses (including QCF guided learning). Can also be used for in-house staff training.

POWERPOINT (43 slides) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Types of Meetings, What is a Meeting?, Strategic Meetings, Operational and Business Meetings, Supervisory and Appraisal Meetings
  • Team Meetings, Training Meetings, Informal Meetings, One to one Meetings, The Importance of Meetings, Before the Meeting, The Agenda, Participation, Length of Meeting
  • Preparing an Agenda, Effective Leadership, Style – Authoritarian, Style – Democratic, Style – Laissez-faire, Choice of Meeting Arrangements, Large Group Meetings
  • Small Group Meetings, One to one Meetings, Ensuring Meetings meet Objectives, Role of the Chair, Ground Rules, Minute Taking, Feedback, Disruptions
  • Representing Others’ Views, What Else?, Giving Clear Information, Recording Decisions, References

Word Documents

  • 3 accompanying handouts which follow the presentation.

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