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Falls Awareness (Residential Care and Domiciliary)

This is a comprehensive awareness pack for delivery to staff in care settings and learners on appropriate health and social care courses (teaching and training delivery).

Presentation1 – Falls Awareness (66 slides) (with handout and end of session assessment) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims and objectives, Introduction, Consequences of falls, Other consequences, What is a fall?, Types of fall, Why do people fall?, Falls – the most common adverse incident
  • Risk management, New section - how people stay upright, Needed to stay upright, What the human body uses to stay upright, Muscles and joints, Eyes, Ears
  • Proprioception, Vasoactive responses, Neural processing, Remaining upright, Healthy ageing, Ageing, People at greatest risk, Effects of illness, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease
  • Arthritis, Diabetes, Cardiac problems, Dementia, Bladder problems, Other risk factors, Medicines, Summary, References

Presentation 2 – Falls Prevention (32 slides) with handout - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, NICE Guidelines, Risk identification, Person centred care, Risk assessment, Environmental risk assessment, Section header - risk assessment special note
  • A note about orthostatic hypotension, Risk assessment records, Interventions, Interventions (after a fall), NICE, Interventions, Accident book and RIDDOR, The care plan
  • Falls risk scores, NICE Guidelines (homecare and residential), NICE Guidelines (tests of balance and gait), References

Word Documents

  • Handout (to follow PowerPoint 1), Handout (to follow PowerPoint 2), Written end of session Assessment (for PowerPoint 1)

Extra Resources included (Word documents)

  • Example care plan template, Falls awareness important reading, Falls awareness references and further reading, Falls risk scores handout/aide memoir
  • Definitions of severity handout, Orthostatic hypotension causes, Reporting falls handout/aide memoir, Sources of further academic information

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