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Fire Safety Awareness (Generic)

Fire Safety Generic Awareness

PowerPoint Presentation – Fire Safety Awareness (39 Slides)

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Understanding Fire, Fire Triangle, Heat (2 slides), Fuel (4 slides), Oxygen (2 slides), Prevention and Control, Summary and Recap (2 slides), Discovering a Fire, A Fire, Hearing the Fire Alarm, Discovering a Fire (3 slides), Smoke, Dealing with a Fire, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguisher Labels, Water Extinguishers (2 slides), Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers (3 slides), Spray Foam Extinguishers (2 slides), Dry Powder Extinguishers (2 slides), Suitability and Labels ( 2 slides), Summary and Recap (2 slides)

Word Documents

  • Handout to accompany the presentation

Extra Handouts:

  • Class F Fires and Wet Chemical Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishers Important Information, Fire Extinguishers Provision and Siting, How to Use a Fire Extinguisher


  • 14 page Fire Safety Policy Template

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