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Fire Safety - PEEPS Awareness (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans)

PEEPS Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (generic, not specific to health and social care). Includes a booklet on PEEPS (printable from the CD, non-editable). Includes a selection of handouts

PowerPoint Presentation – PEEPS Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (93 Slides)

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, Legislation Underpinning PEEPS, Legislation – What It Says, Initiating a PEEP, Planning for Evacuation, What is a PEEP?, Principles of Preparation, Principles of Implementation, Communication and Training,
  • INDIVIDUAL PEEP PLANS FOR EMPLOYEES AND REGULAR VISITORS - Individual PEEP Plans, Things To Consider, Standard PEEP Plans, Unknown or Uncontrolled Visitors, Individual PEEPs – Preparation, Writing an Individual PEEP, Individual PEEPS Assisted Evacuation, Review and Updating of PEEPS, Practicing Evacuation, Building Features, Doors, Open Risers and Stair Enclosures, Stair Enclosure, Fire Compartmentation, Temporary Waiting Space (Refuge)
  • EVACUATION PLANS PUTTING THEM INTO PRACTICE - Disabled Visitors, Signs, Assistance Required, Fire Wardens/Marshalls, Independence and Dignity
  • EVACUATION PLANS TYPES OF DISABILITY AND EVACUATION – MOBILITY IMPAIRMENT, HEARING IMPAIRMENT, REASONABLE ADJUSTMENTS Mobility Impairment, Mobility Impairment – Evacuation, Equipment, Evacuation – Wheelchair Users, Carry down techniques, Evacuation chairs, Evacuation Procedures (Own Wheelchair), Carry down using ‘wheelies’, Powered wheelchairs, Mobility Impairment - Other Evacuation Methods, Using hoists, Mobility Impairment – Reasonable Adjustments, Mobility Impairment –PEEP Interview (Questions to ask during an interview) Hearing Impairment, Hearing Impairment – Reasonable Adjustment (Equipment), Hearing Impairment – Buddy System, Hearing Impairment – Sign Language, Hearing Impairment – PEEPS (things to consider), Hearing Impairment – PEEP Interviews (Questions to Ask) Visual Impairment, Visual Impairment – Reasonable Adjustments (Building), Visual Impairment – Reasonable Adjustments (Equipment), Visual Impairment – Guide Dogs, Visual Impairment – Fire Action Notices, Visual Impairment – PEEPS (things to consider), Visual Impairment – PEEP Interviews (questions to ask) Cognitive Impairment, Cognitive Impairment – Evacuations, Cognitive Impairments – PEEPS (things to consider), Cognitive Impairments – PEEP Interviews (questions to ask), Continuous Monitoring, References

Word Documents

  • Emergency Evacuation Questionnaire, Evacuation Options for PEEPS handout for PEEP presentation, Evacuation options handout, Fire Safety – PEEPS – Groups Evacuation Plans Aide Memoir, Fire Safety – PEEPS – Evacuation Plans Aide Memoir Example for PEEP presentation, Example letter and Questionnaire for PEEP presentation, GENERIC Information on PEEPS, PEEP Example Standard Plans  AND Printable information booklet on PEEPS (non-editable).

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