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Fire Safety - Risk Assessment in Care Settings

Fire Risk Assessment Includes a Fire Risk Assessment Template (7 pages) and comprehensive handout (17 pages).

PowerPoint Presentation – Fire Safety Risk Assessment (82 Slides)

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, What is ‘Residential Care’?, Who Should Be Aware of What?, Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 (England and Wales), Responsibilities, Who Is The ‘Responsible Person’, Who Else Has Responsibilities?, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Fire Risk Assessment Overview, The Responsible Person, The Fire Risk Assessment, Things To Consider, Help With the Assessment, Aims of the Assessment, Hazards and Risks, Fire Safety Risk Assessment
  • STEP ONE IDENTIFY FIRE HAZARDS - Fire Triangle, Heat, Ignition Sources in Care Settings, Fuel Sources, Fuel Sources in Care Settings, Oxygen Sources
  • STEP THREE EVALUATE, REMOVE, REDUCE AND PROTECT - Evaluating the Risks to People, Removing or Reducing Hazards Sources of Ignition, Remove or Reduce The Hazards Sources of Fuel, Remove or Reduce The Hazards Sources of Oxygen, Remove or Reduce The Hazards To People, Evacuation Plans, Fire Detection and Warning Systems, Fire Fighting Equipment, Maintenance and Testing, Fire Drills and Testing, Fire Detection And Warning Systems, Fire Fighting Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment and Facilities, Other Facilities, Escape Routes, General Fire Precautions, Emergency Evacuations (People With Disabilities), Emergency Lighting, Signs and Notices, Installation, Testing and Maintenance
  • STEP FIVE – REVIEW Fire Marshalls
  • COMPLIANCE WITH FIRE SAFETY REGULATIONS – Enforcement, Enforcement Notices, Enforcement and Appeals, Enforcement Penalties, References

Word Documents

  • Fire Risk Assessment Handout (17 pages)
  • Fire Risk Assessment Template (7 pages)

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