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Food Hygiene Awareness

The material in this learning resource CD is suitable for fulltime/part time courses and QCF underpinning knowledge. It is also suitable for private trainers/training agencies.Nursing Home/Residential Care Managers/Managers of other care settings can use these materials in house.

PowerPoint 1 The Basics - Slide Titles:

  • Why is Food Hygiene Important?, Symptoms of Food Poisoning, Who is at Risk?, The 4 Cs, Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling, Cross-contamination, Hand Washing
  • Effective Hand Washing, Preventing Cross - contamination, Summary, References

PowerPoint 2 The Principles - Slide Titles:

  • The Importance of Food Hygiene, What Does Keeping Food Safe Involve?, Who Handles Food in a Care setting?, What is Food Poisoning?, What Causes Food Poisoning?
  • Vulnerable Groups, Babies and Young Children, The Elderly, Pregnant Women, People who are ill, Symptoms of Food Poisoning, Food Poisoning Statistics
  • Good Working Practices, Summary, References   

PowerPoint 3 The Practice - Slide Titles:

  • General Principles, Room Temperature Storage, High Risk and Perishable Foods, Canned Foods, Uncooked Meat, Cooked Meat, Dry/De-hydrated Food. Re-hydrated Food
  • Salads, Refrigerators, Freezers, Stock Rotation, Freezing Food, Thawing Food, Summary

PowerPoint 4 Effective Hand Washing

Can be used as a stand alone learning resource or trainer led to accompany a practical session

PowerPoint 5 Effective Hand Washing

  • Food Poisoning Outbreaks, 11 Scenarios, Key Points slide for each activity as a summary after activity has been completed

PowerPoints are fully referenced.

Word Documents (Handouts)

  • Environmental Health, Food Poisoning, Food Safety Practices, Food Storage & Temperature, General Food Storage, Good Practice, Hand Washing Technique, Hand Washing
  • Hazard Analysis, Reasons for Food Poisoning, Recommended Fridge Maximum Storage (Meat), Risk Analysis, Temperature Monitoring of Hot Food

Word Documents (Learning Activities)

  • Food Hygiene, Hand Washing and Decontamination, Hand Washing Technique

Word Documents (Templates)

  • General Risk Assessment Form, Cleaning Schedule, Delivery Checks Monitoring Form, Hygiene and Training Record

Various activities are also included in PowerPoints 2 and 3. PowerPoint 4 is a dedicated Group Activity session. The Activities are included in PowerPoint 2, with some speaker notes.

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