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Hepatitis C Overview

Teaching/training presentation with handout an end of session assessment. Suitable for care settings and for use on full-time/part-time courses. Generic overview.

Aims and Objectives slide:

  • This session will give learners an overall general awareness of how the Hepatitis C virus is transmitted
  • By the end of the session you will be able to identify those at risk
  • You will learn about how Hepatitis C is diagnosed and a general overview of treatment
  • You will demonstrate your understanding in an end of session assessment

Slide Titles:

  • Aims and Objectives, Introduction, What is Hepatitis C?, Signs and Symptoms, Current Evidence – Prognosis, Factors Determining Progression to Cirrhosis, Transmission of Hepatitis C, Major Route of Transmission, Blood /Blood Products, Mother to Baby Infection, Sexually Transmitted Infection, The Risk to Workers, Other Risks, Statistics, Diagnosing Hepatitis C, Who Should be Tested?, Hepatitis C Virus Confirmed, Treatment, End of Session Assessment, References, Further Information

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