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Infection Control Universal Standard Precautions (Pack A)

The material in this learning resource CD is suitable all health and social care training including QCF. Nursing Home/Residential Care Managers/Managers of other care settings can use these awareness materials in house.

PowerPoint 1 Infectious Agents (With built in speaker notes and activities) - Slide Titles:

  • Aims, Introduction, Chain of Infection, Infectious Agents, Reservoirs, Portals of Exit, Modes of Transmission, Portals of Entry, Susceptible Hosts, Summary, References

PowerPoint 2 Introduction to Universal Precautions (with built in activities) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Breaking the Chain of Infection, Duties and Responsibilities of Settings, Introducing the Themes of Universal Precautions, Hand Washing, Drying Hands, Summary

PowerPoint 3 Personal Protective Equipment (with built in activities) - Slide Titles:

  • Introduction, Breaking the Chain of Infection, Health and Social Care Settings, Universal Precautions, Gloves (Sterile and Non-Sterile), Aprons, Eye Protection, Summary

PowerPoint 4 (Can be used as a stand alone learning resource or trainer led to accompany a practical session)

  • Effective Hand Washing

PowerPoint 5 Sharps and Their Disposal (with built in activities) - Slide Titles:

  • Duties of Settings, Universal Precautions, Sharps Disposal, Disposal Boxes, Gloves and Sharps

Word Handouts

  • Chain of Infection, Hand Washing Technique, Sharps and Their Disposal, Hepatitis, Portals of Exit, Personal Protective Equipment

Word Extra Activities

  • Hand Washing and Decontamination, Hand Washing Technique

Various activities are also included in PowerPoint 1, 2, 3 and 5. PowerPoint 4 is a dedicated Group Activity session.

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